11 Sep September 11, 2016

2016 – Tuesday Night League Season Review

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The 2016 Tuesday Night League Season Review

We completed the 2016 Tuesday Night League this year with a 13-3-4 record and a second place finish.  We never managed a first place standing this year, as another team seemed to dominate the podium.  That being said, second place and a winning season is a good team performance.

We had 4 shooters reach the milestone of their first “toughest 25 you’ll ever shoot” (Tom Czarnecki, Lynn Mapstone, Steve Cook and Kim Ganley).  Congratulations to all.  A special acknowledgement goes out to Kim Ganley, not only was this her first Tuesday Night 25 but also her first – ever, now that’s an accomplishment!  As for this year’s top producers of 25’s, those honors go to Mr. Cliff Haaf with 8 perfect scores.  It’s good to see Cliff back on top of the leader board.  All in all, we had 42 shooters contribute a total of 98 perfect 25 scores throughout the season.  In addition, our team did produce 4 nights with perfect 200 scores.  Only two other teams in the South Division had perfect 200 scores and they each had only one.

As for the High averages in categories for the club this year; the familiar names of Chuck Haaf captured high Senior Vet and Cliff Haaf captured high Vet.  High Lady was Laura Wilcox.  Mike Zgardzinski was high Junior and Ben Way captured high Sub Junior.  Nice shooting everyone and it’s great to see we had people in each category.  Remember, these high averages are just for our club and do not include the 325 minimum targets to qualify for league high averages.

There are a couple of additional special acknowledgments that need to be recognized.  Jack Waldron was able to return to the line late in the season.  Although Jack was only able to make three shoots this year, his scores made the board each time he walked to the line.  With an impressive 66.7% of the time he shot his score was perfect.   Meanwhile Sue Waldron managed to run the season with a very impressive 23.5% improvement in her year over year average.  Many of you may recall last year’s D class shootoff champion – Bubb Jeff or Jeff Bubb as his mother named him. Jeff managed an impressive 14.85% improvement in his overall score from last year propelling him to B class this year.  At this rate, Mr. Bubb may be challenging Cliff and some of the other AA Class shooters next year.

As you recall, last year we ended the season on a somber note with Beth having a heart attack and asking everyone to keep her in their thoughts and prayers (Beth is doing great as everyone knows).  This year Lynn Mapstone (and Pete Derrigo) have decided to end the season on a more upbeat note.  So if you are planning on attending the North / South Shoot off in DeWitt this year, depending on how long you stick around, you may see more than just trap shooting.

Remember the Fall League starts Tuesday September 13th for six consecutive weeks all at Pompey (no traveling).  The format is the same, 1 round of singles and 1 round of handicap.  This year we have an additional fourth lighted field.  Hope to see you there as the Fall league is always a lot of fun.

Week Date Team Results Perfect Scores League Ranking
1 19-Apr Lost to Skaneateles
(193 vs 195)
Chuck Haaf tied last
2 26-Apr Win over Bridgeport
(199 vs 192)
Steve Procopio, Marsh Taylor, Ralph Barker, Mike Latocha, Gary French, Chuck Haaf, C.R. Haaf actually held 7/5 – fog delay
3 3-May Win over Camillus
(196 vs 191)
Ralph Barker, Deb Bell, Tim Wilcox, Cliff Haaf tied 3rd
4 10-May Win over 3 Rivers
(194 vs 193)
Drew Elliott, Ryan Ackley tied 2nd
5 17-May Win over DeWitt
(195 vs 191)
Jim St. Pierre, Dennis Bobbette, Wayne Wilcox 2nd
6 24-May Tie with Skaneateles
(197 vs 197)
Ed Ackerman, Cliff Haaf, Jeff Bell, Tim Wilcox, Todd Way 2nd
7 31-May Win over Bridgeport
(198 vs 190)
Mike Latocha, Gavin Jones, Stan Baxter, Paul Costello, Cliff Haaf (50), Tim Wilcox (50) 2nd
8 7-Jun Win over Camillus
(196 vs 189)
Tom McDermott, Wayne Wilcox, George Wilson, Deb Bell 2nd
9 14-Jun Tie with 3 Rivers
(195 vs 195)
Wayne Wilcox, Jim St. Pierre, C.R. Haaf 2nd
10 21-Jun Win over DeWitt
(194 vs 191)
C.R. Haaf (50), Cliff Haaf 2nd
11 28-Jun Lost to Skaneateles
(198 vs 195)
Paul Costello, Jim St. Pierre, Jeff Bell 2nd
12 5-Jul Win over Bridgeport (200 vs 193) Deb Bell, Marv Jillson, Jim St. Pierre, Dennis Bobbette, Josh Bobbette, Tom Czarnecki (1st), Cliff Haaf, Ralph Barker (50) 2nd
13 12-Jul Lost to Camillus
(196 vs 200)
Troy LeFebvre, Jim St. Pierre (75), Tyler Marcy, Jeff Bell 2nd
14 19-Jul Win over 3 Rivers
(194 vs 190)
Tom McDermott, John Hayes 2nd
15 26-Jul Win over DeWitt
(200 vs 190)
Lynn Mapstone (1st), Steve Cook (1st), Jeff Bell, Ray Randall, Todd Way, Mike Latocha, Don Stroup, Chuck Haaf, C.R. Haaf, Tim Wilcox 2nd
16 2-Aug Lost to Skaneateles
(198 vs 200)
Kim Ganley (1st), Jeff Bubb, Mike Stiner, Gary French, Cliff Haaf, Tim Wilcox (50) 2nd
17 9-Aug Win over Bridgeport
(200 vs 196)
Jeff Bubb (50), Mike Stiner (50), Cliff Haaf (50), Chuck Haaf, Todd Way, Jeff Bell, Ryan Ackley, Mike Latocha, Steve Williams 2nd
18 16-Aug Win over Camillus
(194 vs 189)
Dick Way, Tim Wilcox (75) 2nd
19 14-Aug Tie with 3 Rivers
(199 vs 199)
Gary French, Alex Wisniewski, Jeff Bell, Marsh Taylor, Jack Waldron, Chuck Haaf, C.R. Haaf 2nd
20 30-Aug Win over DeWitt
(200 vs 194)
Jack Waldron (50), C.R. Haaf (50), Jeff Bell (50), Justin Reed, Jim St. Pierre, Ryan Ackley, Joe Pistello, Deb Bell, Tim Wilcox, Cliff Haaf 2nd